What We Do

We have seen it all…

Factories destroyed by fire and explosion, burnt out private houses, distress caused by the theft of personal possessions, families made homeless by floods and hurricanes, houses uninhabitable because of subsidence, businesses wrecked by hurricanes and then bankrupted by inadequate presentation of a claim for business interruption. We really have seen it all, losses and disasters large and small.

Insurers instruct Loss Adjusters to represent them, to protect their interests and to calculate your claim settlement. You should benefit from the same expertise. An experienced specialist representing your interests. A company that is expert in the preparation, presentation and negotiation of your claim. A company able to obtain for you the maximum recovery and payment to which you are entitled.

We represent every type of claimant, whether domestic, commercial, governmental, public service or charitable. We specialise in claims for fire, flood, escape of water, theft, business interruption and subsidence. We act both for those with insurance, and those without insurance who can identify a legally responsible wrongdoer.

We comply with all rules of professional conduct, and we are registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are also discreet and we maintain the confidentiality of our clients and the details of their individual claims at all times.

We handle everything on your behalf from the notification of the claim to getting you paid.

We avoid jargon and unnecessary complication. Our purpose is simply to negotiate the best settlement causing you the minimum of disruption in the shortest possible time.

We provide the experience, advice and support required in settling a household, commercial, or public service claim. Our claims experience ranges from values of £5,000 to over £80m.

Sometimes claims are not capable of agreement by negotiation directly with the party responsible or insurers. In these circumstances the claim may have to be referred to some form of mediation, arbitration or even legal action. In these cases we act as a Claims Advocate providing you with our expertise and where necessary, also that of one of our specialist consultants.

What we charge

Our initial visit is always without any obligation to you.

For most matters we charge on a “no win – no fee” basis, which is both a reassurance to you and an incentive to us. Once we have made an assessment of whether or not we are confident that you have a valid claim, we shall propose a fee to you, which you are entirely at liberty to accept or reject, as you wish.

Assessing Direct

Founded by Samuel Balcombe in 1994 Assessing Direct is part of the Beecroft Group and provides more general loss assessing services, to the same professional standard as Beecroft Sons & Nicholson. If you feel this would be more appropriate to your requirements please enter here, or if you wish to discuss which service would be most suitable, please contact us, without any obligation.

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