The UK’s oldest established name in loss assessing.

“As everybody who has anything to do with the law well knows, the path of the law is strewn with examples of open and shut cases which, somehow, were not; of unanswerable charges which, in the event, were completely answered; of inexplicable conduct which was fully explained; of fixed and unalterable determinations that, by discussion, suffered a change”

— McGarry, J – John V Rees And Others [1970] 1 Ch 345, [1969] 2 All Er 275

Who We Are

Founded in 1842 and merging with Edward Freeman in 1979, we are the oldest established name in loss assessing in the United Kingdom. We are a specialist niche practice deliberately limiting the work we handle. We provide individual expert advice and representation with a modern professional service that has won acclaim from clients around the world. We focus on the nuances of your claim not the administration of a target obsessed large corporation. Our extensive experience and expertise enables us to achieve the best outcomes for our Clients. Simply put, we believe that we are the best firm of loss assessors practising in the UK.

Our main Directors are:

Adrian Dayne FRSA

Adrian Dayne

Adrian has extensive experience and expertise of City of London institutions. He has dealt with major fraud losses, business interruption claims, fire and flood losses at factories, restaurants, night clubs retail outlets and in private homes. He is regularly retained to advise many high net worth individuals and businesses on fire, flood, theft and subsidence claims.

Adrian has a particularly high success rate in negotiating settlements for claims that have been wrongly repudiated, or unjustifiably reduced by insurers and defendants prior to our involvement.

Adrian has represented well-known personalities and corporations as well as ordinary householders and high net worth individuals.


Roger Freeman LL.B, ACIArb, FRSA

Roger Freeman

Roger has dealt with thousands of domestic fire, flood and burglary losses, as well major losses throughout the world. These have been as diverse as, acting for billionaires on both their personal and international corporate claims; representing a Spanish drinks producer on a £50m fire; acting for the owners of a crashed American Aircraft; dealing with multi-million pound factory fires in Africa; the theft of iconic legendary 19th century paintings owned by a major London public gallery; recovering valuable Dutch Master Paintings; and acting for the government of a major West European Country following a fire at its Embassy.

Roger is also involved in developing strategies to help and advise Clients on the increasing problem of cyber claims.

What We Do

We have seen it all…

Factories destroyed by fire and explosion, burnt out private houses, distress caused by the theft of personal possessions, families made homeless by floods and hurricanes, houses uninhabitable because of subsidence, businesses wrecked by hurricanes and then bankrupted by inadequate presentation of a claim for business interruption. We really have seen it all, losses and disasters large and small.

Insurers instruct Loss Adjusters to represent them, to protect their interests and to calculate your claim settlement. You should benefit from the same expertise. An experienced specialist representing your interests. A company that is expert in the preparation, presentation and negotiation of your claim. A company able to obtain for you the maximum recovery and payment to which you are entitled.

We represent every type of claimant, whether domestic, commercial, governmental, public service or charitable. We specialise in claims for fire, flood, escape of water, theft, business interruption and subsidence. We act both for those with insurance, and those without insurance who can identify a legally responsible wrongdoer.

We comply with all rules of professional conduct, and we are registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are also discreet and we maintain the confidentiality of our clients and the details of their individual claims at all times.

We handle everything on your behalf from the notification of the claim to getting you paid.

We avoid jargon and unnecessary complication. Our purpose is simply to negotiate the best settlement causing you the minimum of disruption in the shortest possible time.

We provide the experience, advice and support required in settling a household, commercial, or public service claim. Our claims experience ranges from values of £5,000 to over £80m.

Sometimes claims are not capable of agreement by negotiation directly with the party responsible or insurers. In these circumstances the claim may have to be referred to some form of mediation, arbitration or even legal action. In these cases we act as a Claims Advocate providing you with our expertise and where necessary, also that of one of our specialist consultants.

What we charge

Our initial visit is always without any obligation to you.

For most matters we charge on a “no win – no fee” basis, which is both a reassurance to you and an incentive to us. Once we have made an assessment of whether or not we are confident that you have a valid claim, we shall propose a fee to you, which you are entirely at liberty to accept or reject, as you wish.

Assessing Direct

Founded by Samuel Balcombe in 1994 Assessing Direct is part of the Beecroft Group and provides more general loss assessing services, to the same professional standard as Beecroft Sons & Nicholson. If you feel this would be more appropriate to your requirements please enter here, or if you wish to discuss which service would be most suitable, please contact us, without any obligation.

Assessing Direct Logo


Our aim is always to recruit the best candidate for the post available based on merit, regardless of age, race, gender identity, colour, ethnic origin, social and economic class, disability, sexual orientation, religion, marital or parental status, or any other criteria not related to the candidate’s ability to exercise the sought employment. The qualities we demand of our employees are those of, honesty, integrity, courtesy, conscientiousness, diligence, and determination, and we welcome applications from such candidates to undertake a training contract or an internship.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV to:
Beecroft Sons & Nicholson,
PO Box 270,
Harrow HA3 6XL.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will apply in the UK and across the EU from 25th May 2018. It is the largest, most far-reaching, and comprehensive data protection legislation enacted in the UK, and will continue to apply after the UK leaves the EU. It contains a fundamental shift in approach, where consent to the use of data can no longer be implied, but must now always be positively and explicitly granted.

The Regulation imposes increased responsibilities, and liabilities, on all business trading in the UK, whether or not they are based in the UK. The onus is on businesses to establish full and effective compliance procedures within their organisation, and this has huge implications for insurance cover and claims. The responsibility on all businesses to ensure data is properly protected, and the financial and reputational penalties for any lapse, require all managers to consider the security of their systems, both manual and electronic, and the adequacy and scope of their insurance cover.

We can provide a guide on how to protect your business, arrange a review of your security and risk management, and in the event of a breach prepare, present and negotiate any claim. If we can assist you or you would just like a general chat on how your business will be affected, please call us.


PIRc LogoPut It Right claims is a specialist division of Beecroft Sons & Nicholson dealing exclusively with losses and costs arising through bad, inadequate or negligent advice, supervision, or execution of works. This may often be historic, such as installation of inadequate building cladding, sub-standard building materials, faulty design or negligent construction. We head a specialist team of engineers, forensic scientists, surveyors, architects, lawyers, assessors and other professionals to investigate and discover the problem, effect a solution and recover the losses and costs incurred.

Put It Right claims is designed to correct wrongs you have suffered and to prevent further losses from the same cause in the future.

Put It Right claims is a division of Beecroft Sons & Nicholson Ltd.
Beecroft Sons & Nicholson Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the administration of insurance claims.


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