PIRc LogoPut It Right claims is a specialist division of Beecroft Sons & Nicholson dealing exclusively with losses and costs arising through bad, inadequate or negligent advice, supervision, or execution of works. This may often be historic, such as installation of inadequate building cladding, sub-standard building materials, faulty design or negligent construction. We head a specialist team of engineers, forensic scientists, surveyors, architects, lawyers, assessors and other professionals to investigate and discover the problem, effect a solution and recover the losses and costs incurred.

Put It Right claims is designed to correct wrongs you have suffered and to prevent further losses from the same cause in the future.

Put It Right claims is a division of Beecroft Sons & Nicholson Ltd.
Beecroft Sons & Nicholson Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the administration of insurance claims.